Friday, November 18, 2011

Publix Deals This Week Are Amazing Once Again

This is another fantastic week at Publix! They have tons of buy one get one free sales. I guess it is because the Holidays are coming up and they are trying to attract as much business as possible. Anyways, here is what I did this week:

First off, check your stores for this booklet with coupons. You will need it for some of the deals this week. Get at least two of them.

Ok, the first thing I did was stock up like crazy on Bird's Eye frozen vegetables. They are 50% off this week. The cheapest ones I found were $1.99, so with the 50% off it came to $1 each. In the coupon book shown above there is a coupon for $0.55 off one Bird's Eye product which is pictured above. So you can score a bag of frozen veggies for $0.45 each. I bought 4 of them and plan to get more later.

Also in the "All the Trimmings" booklet you will see this on promotion on the first page. Sargento cheeses are also buy one get one free this week for $3.99 at my local Publix. Furthermore, I had $1 off any cheese brand printable coupon from . As far as I heard, this coupon is only available to Florida residents for some reason. So I got 2 bags of cheese a dozen eggs for $1.99.

 This deal with the Ragu pasta sauce is probably one of the best deals I have ever seen in a long time. Ragu pasta sauce is buy one get one free for $2.65 at my Publix. Plus there was a coupon in the Redplum Nov 13th issue for any free pasta of your choice when you buy 2 Ragu pasta sauces. So when I went to select my pasta, I noticed some of the Mueller's pasta is buy one get one free this week. Since I am getting a box of pasta with the coupon, it is just like I was "buying" it. So this qualified for the buy one get one free deal on pasta. At the end, I got 2 boxes of pasta and 2 Ragu sauces for $2.65.

I Can't Beleive It's Not Butter is buy one get one free this week for $3.69. A week or 2 ago had tons of coupons for $1 off 1 of this product. I printed them out immedietly because I know this product goes on sale all the time. Plus there was also a coupon for free bread of my choice if I bought 2 products from this brand. Therefore, this works just like the Ragu sauce & pasta deal above. I was able to get 2 tubes of butter and 2 loaves of bread for $1.69 after using two $1 off 1 I Can't Beleive It's Not Butter product coupons. These coupons are no longer available for print. This is why if you see a coupon for a product that you like but might not be one sale right now you should still print it for future use.

This morning released a $1.50 off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter All Purpose Butter in the form of sticks. At least if you need butter you can get two boxes for $0.69 if you print out two of these coupons. I'm sure you could use the butter for Holiday baking.

Lysol Trigger Spray Cleaners are buy one get one free for $2.69. I had a $1 off Lysol Disinfectant spray coupon found in the Smart Source November 6th issue. Now look carefully- there is a product that is just a lysol disinfectant spray (the one shown on the photo on the coupon), but the product on the buy one get one free is the trigger spray. The coupon does not specifically specify anything so I decided to try it out. Last time this went on sale I had the same situation and I was still able to use them. The cashier told me its not the product on the picture, but we all know that the picture on the coupon does not always represent the product. For example, the coupons for cereal do not show every single variety you can buy with it. She scanned it and it worked for me. So I got 2 of them for $0.69.

Select Degree Men's Deodorant are buy one get one free for $2.89. The only coupon I had was a measly $0.25 off found in the Red Plum November 13th issue. Other regions of the country might have got a different value coupon than me. There is also a $0.55 off Degree deodorant coupon found in the Publix booklet "Celebre! Hispanic Heritage Month". I don't have this booklet and I don't find it anywhere. Anyways, I had two of the $0.25 off coupons so I paid $2.39 for two which is not a bad deal.

Lastly, Alexia frozen bread products were buy one get one free for $3.69. There is $1 off Alexia foods coupon printed from here. To print two of them just hit the back button after the first one prints until the "ok to print" box reappears again. Once applied you get two bags for $1.69. These will come in handy for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Publix Deals for This Weeks Ad

This week Publix has a tremendous amount of buy one get one free and sales prices. I think it is the biggest couponing trip I have ever done since I started this in March. Below I will list the things that I consider the best deals which you should stock up on. The sales end this Wednesday Nov 16 2011 or Thursday Nov 17 2011 depending where you live.

For a complete list of all the sales please visit and click on the Publix tab.

Progresso 100% Natural Broth 32 oz buy one get one free for $2.59. 
- $0.50/2 store coupon found on Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on coupons. The browse until you find it. You can print 2 of these from each computer.
-$0.75/2 manufacturers coupon found in the Smartsource Oct 9th or Oct 23rd
= $1.34 for two or $0.67 each.

Pompeian Olive Oil 16 oz buy one get one free for $5.99
- $1/1 manufacturer coupon printed from here. You need 2 of these!
=  $3.99 for 2 or $1.99 each.

General Mills select cereals buy one get one free for $4.09
-$1/2 printable coupon found on You can print up to 2 from each computer.
= $3.09 for 2 boxes or $1.55 each.

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes buy one get one free for $1.95.
If you plan to buy frosting with it then use the $0.75/1 coupon found in the Smartsource Oct 2nd or the $0.75/2 coupon found in the Smartsource Nov 13th. I'm not sure how much the frosting is so I cant calculate what the end price will be. However if your just buying cake mix (which I needed badly for my brother's birthday party this weekend), then $0.98 per box is a good deal.

Nestle Cookie Dough, select varieties buy one get one free for $3.59.
Find the $1/1 Nestle Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookie dough coupon in the Redplum from September 11th instead of the $1 off coupon you may have got $0.75/1 instead like me. Either way, if you have two of these coupons it will bring the price to $1.59 for 2 or $2.09 for 2 depending on which one you have.

Select Stayfree products on sale 2 for $3.41.
- $1/1 Stayfree products coupon from Smartsource Nov 6th 2011. If you have 2 of these coupons it will drop your price to $1.41 for 2 Stayfree products.

Ricola Throat Drops or Lozenges buy one get one free for $1.79.
- $1/1 Ricola manufacturer coupon found in the Smartsource Oct 30th. If you have 2 of these coupons then you get two bags for FREE with an overage of $0.21. Unfortunately my version of the Oct 30th Smartsource does not have this coupon :(

Kraft Philidelphia Cooking Cream on sale 2 for $4
- $1/1 Target store printable found at You must print 2 of these.
-$1/1 manufacturer coupon found on You must also print 2 of these.
= 2 for FREE

This works because for each item you can stack a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Keep in mind that for this to work your Publix must accept Target as a competitor. Every Publix has a card that they can give you at Customer Service with lists who they consider is their competitor.

I see this cooking cream frequently in sales but never for free so I was very happy to try it out. I bought the Mexican flavored one because on the back it had a recipe for chicken enchiladas which I have never made before. I was very happy with the results as it tasted fantastic.

Kraft Cheese Slices, select varieties on sale at $2.50 each.
-$1 off any cheese brand printable from Please note: this coupon is only available for Florida residents only.
= $1.50 per bag of cheese.

Thesde were the items that I considered were the best deals according to what I like to cook and buy for my household. However there are still many other items not listed here that you might like to buy. Again, check out for a complete list. If you live in the central Florida area then you might want to use because their prices reflect this area better than Southern Savers which is based in Georgia.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

$1 for Toy Story Themed Operation Board Game

Today everyone is posting this deal like crazy. Toys R Us is selling the Toy Story 3 Operation board game for just $1. You can buy it in the store for $1 or buy it online. To avoid shipping costs I signed up for the trial membership at . Once I checked out on the website, you will notice a small green shoprunner logo. Click on it and log in to get FREE 2 day shipping. Toys R Us is kind of a far drive for me so free shipping was awesome. This will make for some good Christmas presents for kids.

Just make sure you sign up with first if you want to get the free shipping.

Look for the shoprunner logo in your shopping cart during checkout. Log in and then you will see shipping is free.

The membership is like $6 for the whole year which is awesome. Check out the stores that participate with them and see if its worth a membership. If you frequently buy stuff online from those stores the membership which gives you free shipping will pay for itself very quickly. Or just cancel your free trial within 30 days and you wont get charged anything.