Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deals This Week

There are always lots of sales going on but I only list the ones I think cannot be missed.

CVS 6/19 to 6/25

If you have some $1 off one Colgate 360 degrees toothbrush from the May or July issues of AllYou magazine, now is the time to use it. These toothbrushes are on sale for $2.79 plus you get $2 extra care bucks (ECB) back making the toothbrush $0.79. Use this coupon and you get it for free plus $0.21 overage. Some of the Colgate toothpastes are also on sale under this same deal. Coupons for the toothpaste were in the May issue of AllYou magazine.

If you have the $1 off L.A. Looks gel coupon found in the May 15th edition of Smart Source you can get FREE hair gel. It is priced at $2.99 but you get back $2 ECB dropping the price to $0.99. With the $1 coupon it is free.
Free Beverages :
Also a few weeks ago if you clicked the like button on Lipton's iced tea facebook you were able to print a maximum of 2 coupons for a FREE 20oz 100% natural Lipton iced tea bottled drink. I was able to get a hold of 4 of these coupons. This week at CVS if you buy 4 iced tea bottles for $5 you got back $1 ECB. So I ended up getting all 4 bottles for free, I just had to pay $0.67 worth of taxes. But since I got a $1 ECB back I actually made $0.33 off from this transaction. 

Furthermore, in the June 5th 2011 edition of Smart Source there were some coupons for a FREE Seattle's Best coffee can. Of these I had 3 coupons.

There is a pretty good deal on General Mills cereals at CVS too. They are 2 for $3 if you find the very common General Mills coupon for $1 off 2 cereal boxes (or $1.50 each). You can find these easily online and in several coupon inserts. There were some in the June 19th edition of Smart Source.

Lastly, if you have not got the green bag tag at CVS then get it as soon as possible. You scan it just like you would your CVS card every time you make a purchase. For every four scans you get a $1 ECB. This goes by quick for me because I buy each item/deal separately so I can keep track if my coupons and everything else were scanned correctly. I go into every store knowing how much each transaction should cost including taxes because trust me, things always get messed up. So for example with the Lipton iced tea and the Seattle's Best coffee, I would buy the tea in one transaction and the coffee in another. The green leaf tag costs $0.99 but it will repay itself many times. It is located in the reusable bag section of CVS or at the check out counter.

Walgreens 6/19-6/25

In the May issue of AllYou magazine, and the May 8th 2011 Smart Source you can find $1 off Finesse Clean + Simple products. You need 2 of these coupons to get this product for FREE. This week you get $5 register rewards when you buy two bottles of this product at $3.50 each. This comes out to $7 for the bottles, minus the $5 register reward and your $2 worth of coupons (use one $1 off manufacturers coupon on each bottle) and you get both bottles for FREE.

Or if you find Finesse bottles with the "Try Me Free" rebate stickers you can get them for free if you decide to wait.

Publix: New Coupon Booklets

There are some relatively new coupon booklets to be found in Publix so stock up while you can find them. Don't be afraid to ask customer service if they can help you find any copies (especially for the Smart Savings booklet), if you cant find any in the store's "rotating flyer shelf".  

This Smart Savings booklet was not easy to find, at least for me.

And there is a new Yellow Advantage flyer (it came out June 18th) so make sure you throw out your old one and stock up on the new.

Today at Publix I spotted some Eight O'Clock coffee bags with the same "Get a free box of Milano cookies" when you buy the coffee peelies that I had mentioned about a really long time ago in another post. So just keep an eye out for when the coffee goes on sale again at Publix and stock up on any coupons for Eight O'Clock coffee.


  1. Good on the Gatorade, but who actually uses LA looks? Is it still 1994? I must have fell in a time worm.