Monday, August 22, 2011

StarCraft II Protoss Cupcakes

For my husband's birthday back in July I made this cake:

I got the idea for the cake from 2 different sources, but I turned it into one big towering birthday cake. In this post I will describe how to make the Protoss symbols that I put on each cupcake. I made 50 cupcakes and one 8 inch cake for the top of the tiers.

For roughly 54 candy symbols, you will need:

1- 14oz bag of candy melts in the color of your choice. I bought mine at Michael's craft store.

1- 7oz bag of M&M candies. I also bought mine at Michael's because they have a section in their store which sells specific M&M candy colors.

1-Protoss symbol template: Right click and save the image below. It is sized to be printed on a regular 8.5 in x 11 in piece of paper.

Several sandwich sized ziploc bags.

Several pieces of wax paper cut to the size of the template.

Double boiler to melt candy melts. I made mine by adding water to a small pot and putting a metal bowl on top of it.

Plastic Spatula



Turn your stove onto high heat and assemble your double boiler. Pour the entire bag of candy melts into the metal bowl.

Stir constantly with the spatula until completely melted. Set it aside for about 5-10 minutes to let it cool down a bit.

In the meantime, print out your template and cut several sheets of wax paper to fit over the template. Clear some space on your counter and lay the template flat with a piece of wax paper on top. Next, cut out a tiny hole on one corner of the ziploc bag. Keep in mind, if you don't let the candy melts cool down a bit it will melt the ziploc bag. Pour some of the candy melt into the bag, squeeze excess air out of the bag, and zip it closed.

You need a tiny hole because each Protoss symbol is rather small. It is better to start with a hole that is too small, which can be fixed, than one that is too big and needs to be thrown out.

I start by outlining the symbol, then I go back and fill it in. You need to be kind of quick while doing this. You don't want the candy melts to turn hard before you finish. As soon as I finish filling in a symbol, I add the M&M in the correct spot.

After I am done filling in all the symbols, I move the waxed paper into the fridge so the candy melts can turn hard. Then I put a new piece of waxed paper over the template and continue. I was able to make 54 symbols out of one bag of candy melts. Make extras, because some will break. 

I ordered 50 black cupcake liners from the internet because I could not find any in stores. Then I frosted each cupcake with dark blue frosting. I was lucky to find frosting that was all ready dark blue since my local Aldi's had a whole bunch of 4th of July themed stuff on sale. If you cant find dark blue frosting, then dye some vanilla frosting with food coloring. Once your done frosting each cupcake, then add a symbol on top.

 I will explain in a later post how I built the top tier of cake and made the Protoss Nexus.


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