Sunday, October 9, 2011

Make $5.16 couponing at Walmart, plus Best Deals This Week: Publix, CVS, & Walgreens

These are some of these best deals going around this week. I do not post about every single sale item in these stores but only the best ones that I believe are at rock bottom price. When an item is at its rock bottom price you should stock up on it like crazy. Unfortunately for me I only get 2 Sunday newspapers every week so I do not have a whole bunch of coupons to do these deals multiple times. But for my household of 2, its enough.

Publix: Deals end Tuesday October 11th or Wednesday October 12th depending on where you live

Dove Antiperspirant & Deodorant: Buy one get one free for $2.99. Find two $0.75 off one from the Redplum October 2nd edition, which drops the price to $1.49 for two deodorants. Make sure you pay attention to which Dove deodorants you pick up because the Ultimate ones are not buy one get one free. Why is this a good deal? As far as I have noticed since I began couponing in March 2011, deals on women's deodorants, shampoos, body wash, etc... are very rare. The men's version of these items are always on sale and always have tons of coupons. So stock up now.

CVS: Last day for this deal is Saturday October 15th 2011.

Sparkle 8 count paper towels: On sale for $4.99 this week, plus when you buy one you get back a $1 extra care buck. Find one coupon for $1 off 2 found in the October 9th Redplum insert. Grab two sets of Sparkle paper towels. The price is $9.98 - $1/2 = $8.98 for 16 paper towels. At the time you pay $8.98 out of pocket, but a $2 extra care buck will print out. So essentially the towels cost you $6.98 for 16 or $0.44 per roll. When I went in to buy mine, I had a $5 extra care buck from last week so I paid $3.98 for the two sets of paper towels.

Walgreens: Last day for this deal is October 31st 2011. This is an ongoing monthly special.

Cottonelle 12 pack of toilet paper: on sale for $5 each. The monthly ongoing deal is if you buy two of them, you will get a $3 register reward. Therefore you will need to but two of these. Plus find two $1 off 1 cottonelle coupon found in the Walgreens October coupon booklet (you can pick up near the flyers/newspaper racks), and use one on each pack. CAUTION make sure you grab the PURPLE ones, not the blue ones pictured below. It has been reported that the register reward will not print unless you buy the purple ones. It looks exactly like the one below but purple. Unfortunately when I went in the store I didn't know about this and I grabbed the blue ones. After I paid and no register reward printed I asked the manager and they had no clue what is going on. Since I could not remember where I heard about this deal, I just gave up and took the blue ones anyways because it was still a good deal. If you grab the right ones and use two $1 off 1, the price is $8 for both that you will pay out of pocket but a $3 register reward will print essentially making this $5 for both. That is $0.21 for each roll.

Walmart: Deal ends...I'm not sure.

This is a huge overage deal if done right. You will actually be making money for doing this which can be applied to other items you want to purchase at Walmart. In the proctor and gamble October 2nd 2011 insert, there were $8 off 2 Cover Girl Face Products coupons. I was lucky enough to have 3 of these inserts, so I had 3 of these coupons. That meant I would have to buy 6 Cover Girl items, which totaled no more than $24 and I could get it all for FREE. However, as I was looking at the Cover Girl products, I noticed the cheapest item available was some eyeshadow that was $3.14 each. So I bought 6 of them which amounted to $18.84. Once my coupons were applied, $18.84-$24 = -$5.16. Walmart actually owed my $5.16. They will give it to you as cash or they will apply it to another purchase. I decided to apply mine to some groceries. There might be a cheaper item at Publix. I think I saw some Cover Girl items for $2 and some cents. As far as I have researched, Publix will apply the overage to your cart of items but they will not give it back to you as cash.

By no means do I need anymore eyeshadow and I actually have no clue what to do with them. But it made me some money. That is why couponers should not throw away any coupon. You might find a money making deal on a product you thought to just throw the coupon away because its something you never buy or use. Many months ago I posted that I bought a pro biotic just because I made $2 off the transaction.

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