Monday, October 24, 2011

Mia's 2nd Birthday or Quinceanera in Human Years

I've always said that for my dog's birthdays I would take cute photos of them but never get around to doing so. This time however, Mia turned 2 years old which is almost 15 in human years so I threw her a Quinceanera party.

I made her this cute dress by cutting down a child's dress.

She was so pretty. I'm surprised she let me put a bow in her hair. She usually goes wild and tears the bows out and rips up her dresses.

Family Group Photo 

 Mia 2 year, Eli 3 years, and I.

Then the guests started to arrive. Mia looked nervous.

At last we sang happy birthday and Mia got to eat her favorite beef and gravy flavored cake.

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