Friday, April 29, 2011

Technology Fails Me Every Time

I have not been posting very much lately because of the following:

1. My studio's wireless hard drive is not connecting to our network for some unknown reason. All my photos and work is on there...thank God I make disk copies of everything but it means we have had to work off from DVDs instead of having instant access to the files through a network which has significantly slowed down our work.

2. Did I mention this hard drive is only accessible (at least to my knowledge) when it is connected to the internet? So guess what happened next... my internet has been shut down for 3 days due to some error in Century Link's hardware, not my router or internet box. So even though I messed around with the hard drive, I cant get online to see if I have fixed the problem. Therefore, does anyone have this hard drive or has worked with one like this:

Iomega Home Media Network Drive (1TB)

The hard drive has its own IP address and everything...when I try to connect it to a specific drive on my computer, (it used to be the Z: drive) it says wrong file path name....I have no idea why it wont accept the file namingg. Their tech support wont help me either because it is out of warranty. It only has an ethernet slot and a USB slot to sync it with another hard drive. I connected it to my computer with an ethernet cord and I still could not get access. Seriously, the thing only works with internet.

3. So I tried to bring my hard drive home and connect it to my wireless internet to see if I could set up internet access with a log in and password. I was hoping I could connect it at home and access it at work by logging into it. However, that very same night my little brother slept over and downloaded some kind of super virus that I have never even heard of before which totally destroyed my computer. My husband worked for hours on it, only to give up and do a system restore. We lost everything. I have never got a virus so bad before that my Norton antivirus did not even recognize it. This virus affected everything that had to do with google, including YouTube and access to this blog. Really weird stuff.

Right now I need some advice: What is the most secure hard drive known at the consumer level and what is the best way to connect multiple computers to it? I have had other hard drives that connected directly to a computer and I even had a hard drive computer tower especially built for my company. All of these devices failed me. It is a photography studio and we store photos for easy access instead of working off disks. Because of the previous mishaps I got into a compulsive habit of burning disks right away before I do any thing else, so none of it is lost, but it seriously hinders our work.

Just a really bad week for me :(


  1. There has been a terrible routekit virus going around recently. I can only assume an external harddrive that doesn't need to be connected to the internet to be accessed - infact I've not heard of drives needing it before.

  2. i wish you luck in finding a solution, but i have no idea :{

  3. I really can't help :( Maybe you can get the harddrive out and connect it with a regular USB external reader to get your data back?

  4. sorry to hear that. i've heard lexxar and maxtor being used with success.

  5. Hope you get everything back up and running smoothly.

  6. I second the maxtor suggestion, they've always made reliable, easy to access drives. Good luck anyway.