Saturday, May 14, 2011

$3.99 1/yr subscription to Better Homes & Gardens

Right now you can get 1 to 3 years max subscription for Better Homes & Gardens, or Weight Watchers magazines. This makes a great gift for the ladies in your life.

Also, I heard Better Homes & Gardens has some great coupons in them, so of course I got a 1 year subscription for myself. I don't know if Weight Watchers has coupons in it...

Just click here and type in the discount code "HOMES" for the Better Homes & Garden magazine.

Or click here and type in the discount code "WEIGHT" for the Weight Watchers magazine.

I believe you can use the discount codes to renew your subscription too, if you all ready receive the magazine.


  1. Maybe I'll get it for myself. Just to give my visitors something to wonder about.

  2. that's the cheapest magazine subscription i've ever seen.

  3. that's pretty cheap thanks for the tip