Monday, May 9, 2011

My 1st & 2nd Couponing Experiences

Last week I tried couponing for the first time. Mind you, couponing is very time consuming and it takes a while for you to collect enough coupons from different sources to really start scoring good deals. So since I just started collecting coupons, there are a bunch of deals I could not do because the coupons for them were in previous flyers that I all ready threw away.

The deals I got last week ended Saturday so they are not available anymore. However, they are good examples of how much you can save by couponing. Everything in this post was purchased at Walgreens.

BIC Soleil Razor Pack on sale for $5.99
     -$3.00 Manufacturers coupon
     -$2.00 Register Rewards
      = $0.99
Lysol Disinfectant Spray on sale for $3.49
      -$1.00 Manufactuers Coupon
      -$1.00 Register Rewards
      = $1.49
Glade Automatic Spray Kit on sale for $8.99
      -$4.00 Manufacturers Coupon
      -$3.00 Register Rewards
      = $1.99

That is what I got the first time I went couponing. I was kind of confused about how all this works so it was a good time to get familiarized with the coupon policy at Wal Greens.

My second time couponing was again at Walgreens. This time I was more prepared and finally scored my first free items! I believe these items will be as priced until the end of this week.

Nexcare 20 ct flexible band aids $2.99
          -$2.99 mail in rebate found on the package
          = FREE
Carefree Pantyliners on sale for $0.99   
          -$0.99 Manufactures coupon.
          = FREE
 I had two of these coupons so I was able to get 2 packs.
Tylenol Precise Products $7.99
           -$3.00 Walgreens coupon foun in their     May coupon booklet
            -$5.00 Manufactuers coupon found on their website
            = FREE

Colgate Toothpaste 4.0 (red ones in the photos) 2 for $6
             -$4 Register Rewards
             -$1.00 Manufacturers coupon
              = 2 for $1.00
Renu Sensitive Contact Solution on sale at my local Walgreens for $8.99
              -$3.00 manufactures coupon
              = $5.99
Smaller Colagates: I have no idea what I did here.I think I had a buy one get one free manufactuers coupon because on the recipet it shows a discount off the price of one of them. So I got 2 for $2.79, which is $1.40 each.

Listerine 1 qt on sale for $4.49
             -$1.00 Manufactuers coupon found on  their website
               = $3.49
I'm not sure how much 1qt of Listerine normally costs, but I ran out of it at home so I was going to buy some anyways.    
Dial B1G1 2 for $5.99, thus $2.50 each. This is not a sale at all because I find them at Walmart or Target for this price. However I was completely out of body wash so I got them at the normal price. One had a free travel size lotion, so I guess I got something for free.

Lets add it all up:

Without Coupons             

Listerine                                          $4.49
Nexcare band aids                           $2.99
CareFree Pantyliners  2x $0.99=     $1.98
Tylenol Precsie                                $7.99
BIC Soleil Razors                           $5.99
Lysol Spray                                     $3.49
Glade Kit                                         $8.99
Colgate (red ones @ $3 ea              $6.00
Colgate (white ones 2x $2.79 ea)   $5.58
Renu                                                $8.99

=                                                      $56.49, excluding taxes

With Coupons             

Listerine                                          $3.49
Nexcare band aids                          $0.00
CareFree Pantyliners                      $0.00
Tylenol Precsie                               $0.00
BIC Soleil Razors                          $0.99
Lysol Spray                                    $1.49
Glade Kit                                       $1.99
Colgate (red ones)                         $1.00
Colgate (white ones)                     $2.78
Renu                                              $5.99

=                                                   $17.73, excluding taxes

So I got all this stuff for $17.73.


  1. that, is a damn good bargain...

  2. Excellent work! It takes a little bit to get started in it, but once you do the savings are incredible! Good luck!