Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couponing: Who is With Me!

So I finally decided to do some research on this quickly becoming popular way of saving money- Couponing. On YouTube there are tons of videos of how people do this and various tips. The best on I have found is the southernsavers channel. I watched her Introduction to couponing videos and got tons of information.

Watch part 1 by following this link:

After watching several videos I immediaetly did the following:

1. Signed up for Publix's free magazines

2. After being disappointed that the nearest big city Sunday newspaper will cost me $20 per month, I decided instead to get a $19.92 subscription to AllYou magazine. Supposedly there are tons of manufacturers coupons in there.

3. I signed up for Nestle's e-mail notifications. Soon I will be signing up for other top brand items such as Pillsbury, General Mills, Post, Kraft, Little Debbies etc... and any more major brands I can think of to get manufactures coupons.

Manufacturers coupons are awesome because you can pair them up with a store coupon for the same item and get both discounts. This is called "stacking". Lets say you have 2 manufactures coupons for an item that is buy on get one free, you can use 1 coupon on each of the 2 items. When an item is buy one get one free, you are basically getting a 50% discount, so adding a coupon in there gets you greater discounts.

4. Visit these popular websites that let you print their coupons:,, and

Like I have mentioned before, I buy all my groceries for about $50 per week at my local Aldi. This is great, but if I can get brand name stuff that I love for about the same price or less, that is even better.

I also found this website that is all about Publix coupons:
Aparently Publix accepts competitor coupons so this site lists a whole bunch of coupons from other stores that you can print and use at Publix. Just be aware that sometime in the next month or so Publix will be making changes to their coupon policy.

I'm going to start getting organized and give this a try. I will post my first couponing shopping experience when I finally get enough coupons to make it work. If anyone has any ideas about couponing or great websites to find coupons let me know.

Sorry for the lack of photos in the last couple of posts. Since I had to reformat my computer I have not had the chance to reinstall Photoshop.


  1. Yeah, that seems like a LOT of work. But best of luck to you!

  2. not a big fan of coupons, myself

  3. Sounds too good at first sight, but the cupons are usually so tricky.