Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee and FREE cookies back again at Publix!

Today the new Publix sales started for the week and I went early in the morning to make sure they would not be out of stock. I posted about this same deal May 10th 2011. It is just to show you that sales do repeat so make sure to stock up until it comes back again.

This deal ends either on Wednesday July 20th or Thursday July 21st depending on when the sales start in your local Publix. 

At my Publix Eight O'Clock coffee is buy one get one free for $6.60. Plus there were $2 off 2 and $1 off 1 coupons in the smart source June 6th coupon insert. Or you can go to and sign up to print a $2 off coupon. You need one $2 off 2 per every 2 bags you get, or two $1 off 2 for every 2 bags you get. This drops the price to $2.30 per bag of coffee.

Plus be on the look out for the Eight O'Clock coffee bags with a sticker on the front for a FREE bag of Pepridge Farms cookies. I went in and bought 8 bags of coffee, each with one of these stickers so I was able to get 8 free bags of cookies! The bags with the stickers will run out quickly, so go as soon as possible to snatch them up, and don't feel embarrassed to dig deep into those shelves to find them.

Splenda sweeteners are also buy one get one free for $4.29. Click on "promotions" on their website at to print out a $2 coupon off Splenda Essentials products. You need 2 of these coupons so you can use one on each box which drops the price down to $0.29 for 2 boxes of Splenda. The buy one get one free is applicable to the regular Splenda sweeteners and the Fiber added version of the sweetener. However, the coupons available for these versions is only $1 off. It is still a good deal if you get two of the $1 off coupons dropping the price down to $2.29 for two boxes.

Overall, I spent $18.69 for 8 bags of coffee, 8 bags of cookies, and 2 boxes of Splenda.

I saved $70.61, which is a savings of about 80% off the full price.

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  1. That's awesome. Wish they had a Publix where I live.