Sunday, July 24, 2011

CVS Freebies

There are some pretty good deals going on this week at CVS, starting today July 24th and ending July 30th.

$1.99 for Paper Mate Grip 8 pack of pens. You pay $1.99 at the register but you get back a $1.99 extra care buck reward on your next purchase making this item FREE. It is limited to 1 offer per card. I have 2 CVS cards, so I got 2 packs.

Get $6 extra care bucks when you buy Bausch & Lomb sensitive multi-purpose solution at $7.89. Get the $2.00 off manufacturers coupon by following the link or find it in the June 12th edition of Smart Source. The total for this is $5.89 out of pocket but you get a $6 extra care buck making this item FREE.

$10 extra care buck rewards when you buy $20 worth of the specified items. To qualify for this deal, I got the following:

2 Skintimate shaving creams at $2.19 each and 2 Schick Hydro razors at $7.99 each. The total was $20.36 but I had two $1.50 off the skintimate shave cream coupons which can be found here, and two $4 off Schick Hydro coupons found in the June 12th edition of Smart Source. Once I added all these coupons, plus the $6 extra care buck I got from the Bausch & Lomb sensitive multi-purpose solution, the total came to $4.79 with taxes that I paid out of pocket. Then the $10 extra care buck printed out so all these items were FREE.

Select Kotex U products are on sale for $3.49 and you get back a $2.00 extra care buck. Use the $1 off coupon found in the July 24th edition of Smart Source, and you pay $2.49 out of pocket, but get back $2 in rewards. This item comes out to $0.49 which is not free but still a good deal.

Lastly, the 8.5 oz Softsoap hand soap is on sale for $2 each. When you buy 3 you get a $3 extra care buck. You need to get 3 of the $1 off softsoap coupons which were printables found online. However, this campaign has now reached its limit. This is why it is important to look at the sales previews for CVS shown on websites such as which come out before the sales starts. They will tell you which coupons you will need and link you to the ones that need to be printed so you can get them before they run out. If you were able to get 3 of these $1 off coupons, then the transaction came out to $3 paid out of pocket, but you get back the $3 extra care buck, making all items FREE.

The whole point of couponing at CVS is to buy each "deal" separately so you can get the extra care buck and use it on your next purchase. For example, I bought the Bausch and Lomb solution first, so I could use the $6 extra care buck on the whole skintimate and Schick razors deal.

When all was done, I spent $10.99 out of pocket for $52.26 worth of items, a savings of 79%. Plus I was left with $13 worth of extra care bucks, so really I got everything for FREE.

***the $10.99 also includes the 2 packs of 5 count Zrytec medication shown in the photo. They are on sale at Walmart for $5.27 each. I had two $5 off coupons found here, making the total $0.54 for 10 tablets.***

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