Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake with a Shortcut

OK, so I dont use actual shortcake in this quick fix recipe, but it takes care of some miscellaneous items in my fridge and satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time. In my fridge I had some yellow cake, lots of strawberries, and vanilla yogurt, just waiting to be mixed together.
 All I had to do was take a slice of cake, dice it up in a small bowl and add diced strawberries.
Add some heaping spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt and you will find yourself in strawberry bliss. Not to mention its not such an unhealthy choice for a dessert if you go easy on the cake. For a richer experience try vanilla or chocolate pudding instead of the yogurt.
This is a quick fix dessert, but if you have more time and a trifle bowl try adding the ingredients in layers. Any type of cake such as pound or angel food cake will work great too. Personally, I prefer a cake that has no frosting because I try to use yogurt since it is healthier.

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